The component "Newsletter" is to be found on the contacts and consumers. In the backend the component Acymailing can be added. This component makes it very easy to set up and send newsletters to (a certain group of) your customers. In the frontend of the website there's a tab "Newsletter" where you can define which newsletter this contact/consumer recieves, and on which date the newsletter is signed on and/or checked out. Read more about Acymailing: Acymailing


Catalog shows your products, services, contracts, employees and (CRM+) company details. If you manage catalog-content in the 'oldfashioned" way, this quickly ends in version management with content in many places. Catalog in our CRM helps you to centrally manage content and pricing (without API) for website and CRM, Quotation / Invoices.

Catalog on /off

For every product it is possible to publish it in the Catalog or not.

Extra HTML Editor

Content description for CRM does not use HTML other then row break. For the Catalog it is possible to use HTML for extra styling.

Default Templates 

Catalog has default templates showing content. For templates overwrites it is possible to change its presentation. 

An example of website-content based on JBA CRM data:



An example of the actual dataset that feeds the website (Notice: only the first 3 are visible on the website).

catalog products



The customer notification is a part of TAR (Tasks, Actions and Reminders).
The customer notification can help remind customers (for instance) in a friendly way to pay the invoice.

It is possible to send an (default) email to a customer.

With TAR you can help yourself or your employees to get reminders for many things: reminders to pay the invoice, reminders for ends of dates of contracts, and/or other relation, product related services, etc.

Want to know more about TAR?
In that article you can read all about it.

Default emails can be send for each type of action. For instance if you send a quotation. In the general settings you can create your own default mails.
This is a popup Quotation-email before sending, making it possible to edit before sending.

email send popup


JBA will by default use a global signature with the email templates. Personalized signatures will be used for that employee.

An example of signatures

siganture listview

An example of a personalized mail signature, using html style

signature details

An example for a label based global email signature, also resulting in a personalized signature.

signature label based

It is also possible to add a fixed signature in an email template and not use these signatures.


Notes is a very useful part of JBA. Notes will store: call, recap, visit, report, sales progress from a conversation and/or any relevant detail about an account or contact attached to the items where they are relevant. With this Notes function storing information becomes easy, knowing all the notes are in the CRM ready for the employees to use and read them. In the latest release Notes has the option store private e.g. for personal use only.

An example of a Notes listview

notes listview


An example of a Notes detail view

notes detailview


An example of Notes at an Account

notes tab accounts

One of the charms of the JBA CRM: with the Joomla Web capabilities you can show Quotation online, by just sending an temporary URL to a customer. To make life of sales and administration simple, good tooling during the sales process is key. For that reason we build a tool that will help the customer to make quotations convert to orders and/or convert them to invoices all by the push of one button. 

Quotations can be send by the JBA CRM as pdf or as a Temporary URL, which means spending less time on attaching pdf to email. Secondly a quotation can have included attachment making this the ideal vehicle to send information without the email struggle. As the general description will give you a nice management summary on your Quotation you can now manage all this from within the CRM. Everything managed in one place even after an update. The status function can, in case it is used with TAR(Tasks, Actions and Reminders), help to set reminders and send information to customers.

online proposal quotation

 Below the proces of saving an Quotation for online sharing you see the mail that will popup to infrom the customer.

share quotations online


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