Contracts are at the centre of the application. Around contracts Quotations, Orders and Invoices are generated.

Details view

The attributes that define contracts are: a name, a price, a default VAT and optional it could have a picture because what better description than a picture you can have for a contract and a text description.
Catalog checkbox and catalog description are used for a special list of contracts.


The listview is an overview of the contacts where you have the basic functions like add and delete for managing the list.

Products and services

It is possible to offer products as a download, like software. Including a digital key that is generated by JBA Digital. Information of the sold products is available on the tabs of an Account or Consumer, where also a send function can be found.
Besides products and services it is also possible to sell a contract to your customers which provides in support for the customer.
Contracts are 'compiled' services that will be executed in the future.
In case of use of the JBA Agenda, products and services can be connected to Appointments.


A license is product related. A license has a duration after which the license should be extended. For instance: a customer wants support for 10 hours each year, this tool (contract execution) keeps track of how many hours the customers have used. 

Group Products

In case of JBA Products combined applications are offered (called "groups"). The digital product-component can handle dependencies in order to make sure the proper applications and versions are installed before installing a next update or another application.The group function can also be used for try before you buy products.

Receiving licenses

Licenses are send by email in a.lic file which can be uploaded in an upload manager. For the CRM employee there is a function to receive the keys in case of supporting a customer.

Number of downloads

It is possible to put a threshold on the amount of downloads.

Overview of sold licenses

This is a list of all the separate items that have been distributed.

The products and services of a company are stored in the CRM and can be used in Quotations, Orders and Invoices and in the Website (See Catalog). Contracts are "compiled" services that will be executed in the future, for example a 1 year contract, including 10 hours of services.



Catalog shows your products, services, contracts, employees and (CRM+) company details. If you manage catalog-content in the 'oldfashioned" way, this quickly ends in version management with content in many places. Catalog in our CRM helps you to centrally manage content and pricing (without API) for website and CRM, Quotation / Invoices.

Catalog on /off

For every product it is possible to publish it in the Catalog or not.

Extra HTML Editor

Content description for CRM does not use HTML other then row break. For the Catalog it is possible to use HTML for extra styling.

Default Templates 

Catalog has default templates showing content. For templates overwrites it is possible to change its presentation. 

An example of website-content based on JBA CRM data:



An example of the actual dataset that feeds the website (Notice: only the first 3 are visible on the website).

catalog products



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