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JBA is a set of Joomla components using the Joomla! framework. From a business perspective it makes use of Single Point of Information model, integrating business applications in a website, bringing the customer, website, and the business together. Everybody happy by gaining more functionality at a lower cost!

Basic characteristics of a JBA component

All components use JBA CRM as the core of their business information, use Baseview, support the latest version of Joomla.

Reminder is a component of TAR (Tasks, Actions and Reminders). Reminders (the word says it all.....) are mend to remind you of certain actions/tasks , for instance: call a customer about an quotation or an invoice. Reminders are stored in the logs. Reminders can be deleted and edited.

TAR is developed for system automation. TAR stands for: Tasks, Actions and Reminders.
TAR is a collection of the smallest identifiable and essential pieces of a process that serves as a unit of work, and as an instrument to make a difference between various elements of a process.

  • TASK is the element that will block time or add a deadline to a(n) action(s).
  • ACTION is depending on the conditions (the criteria rules) that TAR will automatically or semi-automatically run as an action.
  • REMINDER is a notification to remind that something is not done or needs to be done. And because of the reminders that will be send to users, their lives will be easier!
  • WORKFLOWRULES gathers all the TAR elements, here they can be configured and stored. WORFLOWRULES gives an easy structure to managing the process.
TAR example "Remind me of a quotation to check"

With TAR you can make sure that you (or one of your employees) receives a reminder to make sure there will be a follow-up after sending the quotation. Beside that you will be able to plan to call customer as a task or you can combine a task with a reminder. In WorkflowRules you can: configure a reminder that will be send to employees and/or create an action, a task and a reminder to make sure the employee is reminded to call the customer about the quotation.
In the Task module or notification pop-up the employee will be reminded with a hotlink to the actual Quotation and Contact to call. 

A Toolbox

TAR is a toolbox of which the possibilities are endless. But even more important is that it is simple to use TAR by using the synoptic WorkflowRules (a part of TAR) With this first version of TAR we have focused on automating the CRM. In the following versions we will include automation for the JBA Extensions like Agenda, Notes, Reports and Online Shop.

We look forward to have your feedback on what you would like to have automated.

Want to know about: TAR

Relationship management

Accounts and Contacts

Manage your business, relations and forecast. Use your website to share with your customer without any hassle.

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Acquisition tools


Make forecasting easy with low maintenance. This thesis-based opportunity function will make your forecast relevant.

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The Catalog

All your product information for quotations and website in one place. Save time and prevent mistakes.

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Sales management

Quotations, Invoices

Quotations, Orders, Invoices easy created, and shared online or in PDF with your corporate branding.

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Acquisition tools

Sales Campaigns

Use your lead registration and campaign tagging to organize and optimize your acquisition activities.

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Business Reports

Top Sales Reports

You need customer-website-behavior mixed with business results? No complex API's or exports, it's all in your system now!

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System Automation

A user-friendly way to automate Tasks, Actions and Reminders, Periodical payments.

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Notes can be added to many items helping you to store extra information in all kind of situations.

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Availability Calendar

Connect a customer to a service to an employee, with availability with an online reservation.

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Business Reports

Periodical VAT

A transparent graphic with export function for all outgoing VAT.

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Customer notificaton

Automated customer friendly reminders for upcoming expiring payments.

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Acquisition tools


Send a personalized email to a lead with product brochure, by only changing the lead status.

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File Library and tagging

A simple way to manage files that you want to share.

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Acymailing integration

An easy overview for contatcs and newsletter distribution.

JDideal Pay online

The JDideal Payment gateway integrate online payment with CRM shop and Quotation.
Acquisition tools

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Single Point of Information

Single Point of Information (SPOI) means all information in one place (applications, data and website). This makes processes and technology less complex, less management and development costs (no api's needed). Internal use, communication and sharing with customers is simpler. Not using Saas shared resources makes it easier and cheaper to personalise applications, functions and processes.

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