Sales Campaigns

Sales Campaigns is a great tool, because it makes it easier to keep track of all the campaigns your company started. The administration of the campaigns is easy to handle in this tool. It is possible to set a start-date and an end-date. You can insert the leads (contact, telephone, email, website, etc) and you can send the necessary attachments. 
In this tool it is also very smart to use TAR (Tasks, Actions and Reminders). Because when you start a campaign, you want to be very precise about contacting the right persons on the right time; and the TAR can help you to remind you Send brochures. And: in the general settings you can define the different types of campaigns, for instance: 'send brochure' or 'make phonecall'. You can run different campaigns at the same time.

An example of a list of 3 campaigns.

campaign listview

An example of the actions list from a campaign.

campaigns actions list

Campaigns can be based upon different themes and methods we call 'Campaign Types'. This information can be used to measure the effectiveness of type of campaigns.

An example of type of campaigns

types of campaigns


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