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Notes help to store information everywhere in JBA. It would be easy to add notes as a separate function to every component by default but... JBA is about an open and flexible structure, Notes is a component. A component that can interact with other components in the framework.

Notes is a very useful part of JBA. Notes will store: call, recap, visit, report, sales progress from a conversation and/or any relevant detail about an account or contact attached to the items where they are relevant. With this Notes function storing information becomes easy, knowing all the notes are in the CRM ready for the employees to use and read them. In the latest release Notes has the option store private e.g. for personal use only.

An example of a Notes listview

notes listview


An example of a Notes detail view

notes detailview


An example of Notes at an Account

notes tab accounts

Note type is the selection available on every note helping to define the kind of note that is stored. When stored, the note type can be used to sort.
Notes can be private, so this means they are only for the person who writes the note. And notes can be public, so the notes can be seen by everyone in your company (your employee).

notes types

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