Joomla Business Applications more than a CRM

Joomla Business Applications (JBA) uses the name CRM for the base system as most people understand the meaning of abbreviation. A more precise name would be a Web Business Application Platform, but what is that? JBA CRM application includes the basic information needs for a company. Meaning: accounts, contacts, products, invoices, employees, to name just a few. JBA Applications helps you to organize, store and interact with colleagues, accountable customers, and clients (like students). Organize and schedule, track progress of your clients, patients or students. To make all of this possible the base is the JBA CRM.

What it isn't 

JBA is not an accounting, loan calculation application (TAX rules are to country specific). Of course a connection with this kind of application through an API is possible.
It is not the default desktop text editor, although we have Doc Builder. Doc Builder is a Text Based Report Builder that will make live easy in creating reports and share them with colleagues and customers (online).
Finally, it is not your new email client, although JBA can send a lot of email notification and personalized emails to customers and employees, which will make your life easier.
JBA is here to help companies spend less time on administration, process etc, so they can focus on what they are good at!

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