The component "Newsletter" is to be found on the contacts and consumers. In the backend the component Acymailing can be added. This component makes it very easy to set up and send newsletters to (a certain group of) your customers. In the frontend of the website there's a tab "Newsletter" where you can define which newsletter this contact/consumer recieves, and on which date the newsletter is signed on and/or checked out. Read more about Acymailing: Acymailing


JBA CRM makes it possible to import data from other data sources in csv format. As CRM has database relational structures, a lot of relations can be lost when importing data from csv.
To avoid this, JBA CRM has a matching function, which is activated during the during import. The data/information you want to import will automatically be checked for matching selection lists and connected in case of a match. For instance: if you want to import a contact and the Contact type is "Mr."; the CRM will search in the contact type table for a match on Mr and add the record id to the information of the contact and this will be shown in the frontend as 'Mr.'. This also applies to other types, such as 'types of accounts, types of services, etc."


JBA will by default use a global signature with the email templates. Personalized signatures will be used for that employee.

An example of signatures

siganture listview

An example of a personalized mail signature, using html style

signature details

An example for a label based global email signature, also resulting in a personalized signature.

signature label based

It is also possible to add a fixed signature in an email template and not use these signatures.


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