JBA Agenda integrates directly with JBA CRM Plus. Appointments of colleagues and services come together in one place, making everything easy to manage. 

Integrating customers and colleagues in one agenda

The advantages of the modular construction of Joomla Business Application add up when combining multiple applications.
You notice this as soon as you work with the Calendar. This module draws the necessary information out of JBA CRM Plus and is able to share it.
This eliminates duplicated actions and data, all appointments can be seen and managed in one place.

Other advantages are: in the CRM Plus, reviews return in reports. So one can see how often certain appointments occur in combination with colleagues, moments or products.
JBA Agenda can be used for different applications. JBA Agenda is a component of the JBA POS bundle. With JBA Agenda a beauty salon can book an appointment.
But it can also be used to display availability in rental businesses.


The Agenda functions are numerous. The components of the Agenda are: weekoverview, dayoverview, employee availability, opening hours, appointment list and my appointments. 
Besides from all the appointments being shown in the overview lists, its also possible to:
- set up the availability of the employee
- set up the opening hours of your company, including the possibility of indicating when your company has special opening hours.

In all the overviewlists (weekoverview, dayoverview, appointmentlist and my appointments) it is possible to change the data, if necessary. So you don't have to search for where you have to change the appointment, you can do this in multiple ways. A reminder can be send to the customer in a default email. Adding a new appointment is also possible. 
In the settings you can indicate which employee has which working hours (Availability employee). And you can change this as often as necessary. 

Opening hours

There is a special button for the "opening hours". So you can indicate what the opening- and closing hours of your store/shop are. At the bottom of this page there is a button for "Special periods" (such as vacation or holidays). There's also a possibility: "Appointment availlable after.......'unlilmited, 1, 2 or 3 days". 

Conflicting appointments

Conflicting appointments are shown, so no mistakes can be made.

Planning special days

As already described above: you can set the availibality of yourself and of your emloyees, like the regular working times, but also the special days such as the vacation and the days off. Also the opening hours can be set. For instance when your shop is closed during Christmas time, you can insert those settings in a very easy way.

Online appointment / availability calendar

Your customers can make online appointments. A customer can have a login account or he can be a "just" a visiting customer. In that case this customer does not need to log in; he cán make a new account, but does not have to do so. When the customer made an appointment a default email will be send to confirm the appointment. This will only be the case if in the general settings a default email is set up.
If the customer has an account: he recieves a default email also, but he is able to see in "My profile" which appointment is made.
When your customers visit your site they can see:
- wihich employee is available on what day and what time
- which employee is available for what service
- on which date and time it is possible to make an appointment with the employee you choose
When the customer made the appointment, an email is send to the customer to confim the appointment.
After changing or canceling the appointment a default email will be send to the customer also (if you choose to do so, you make a default email in the settings).


Most important features of Agenda (CRM Plus)

  • 100% integrated CRM ONE
  • Link with services from CRM
  • Link with Products(Renting)
  • Colleagues plan
  • Let customers plan themselves
  • Shopping hours settings
  • Preserve appointment data 
  • Duplicates the lay-out of the template
  • Calendar overview 
  • Appointments list
  • Customer module 
  • Optimized for the use of Mobile
  • Summary of conflicting appointments
  • Easy to plan quickly

jba agenda week view

Employee schedule

Each employee has his/hers own calendar. In the function "Calender" you can find the options Weekoverview, Dayoverview, Appointment List and My appointments. 
And in these overviews each employee is shown and you can select one of them after which you see the personal schedule of this employee.
In "Employee Availlability": set up the availability of each employee (working days and working hours). This can be changed every time something changes in the working days or working hours of the employee. If there are special periods (such as holidays) there is an option to set up these special periods and show it on your website.
In "My appointments" the personal list of the employee (who has logged in) is visible. Here appointments can be added of edited.
In "Appointment List" is shown:
- employee
- customer
- customer email
- customer phone
- date
- time
- duration
In this screen: if you choose one of these options - you go to the appointment details screen, where you can see the details and edit the appoinment (if necessary). 

Online appointments

When customers want to make an online appointment, they need to see what is available. So, when they visit your site the following fields will be used: employee and service or service and linked employee. Select this or next week, then day of the week. This selection will show the time for the selected day. When the customer makes an appointment online, the calender will be automatically update the company agenda with the appointment details.

The online appointment can be used as an component or as module for vertical and horizontal layout. Template will style in the layout of the template, an example of the online module:

online appointment

Planning special days in Agenda

In the Calendar (opening hours) you can let your customers know what special days you plan for your business. For instance during a holiday period like Christmas, you can show on your website when your shop is closed or when your opening hours are not the same as usual.
The options are:
- start date
- end date
- available - yes or no
- reduced hours - yes or no
- reduced hours start
- reduced hours end
- published - yes or no
For more information about Agenda: Agenda

Online appointment

For your customers it is possible to make appointments online. When your customers visit your site they can see:
- wihich employee is available on what day
- which employee is available for what service
- on which date it is possible to make an appointment
When the customer made the appointment, an email is send to the customer to confim the appointment. For more information: Agenda

Opening hours

Under the button "Calendar - Opening hours": you can set up the opening hours of your shop/store. Even if you have different opening hours every day, that is not a problem. You can fill in the opening- and closing time, the 'break from - till". Also it's possible to let your customers know when it is possible to make an appointment: after 1 day, or 2 days.....etc.



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