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Reports is an application that works as a spider in the web for your management information. The application is fed with scripts that retrieve data from the database, generating all types of reports. Beside default reports there can be made customized scripts to show customer specific data.

Facts and graphs

The tool Reports will help you to generate in an easy way all kinds of results and overviews/summary's of your company figures. You can keep track of all the facts and even make graphs. For instance: it is possible to generate a list of all the invoices per day, per month, per quarter, etc. It is also possible to generate the results of the best sales employee in the last month, or the status of the invoices. All the data from the CRM can be generated; the settings can be changed depending on your wishes. All the results can be shown in a listview, but also in a graph.




An example of a graphRaportages_2.png


Exporting data

There is a choice of 4 different formats to export data: Excel, CSV, XML and PDF. This allows you to share, save and reuse the data in external systems and applications, for example for presenting the year overview.

Most important features of JBA Report

  • Access control to reports through user permissions
  • Clear, organized structure
  • Industry standard reports
  • Export interfaces
  • Easy to adapt or enhance through XML-scripts

report overview

invoice per month


Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily revenue

In JBA Reports you can find the invoices per day, week, month, quarter, and year.
So here you see the revenues.

Top product

Show your best sold product(s) to your customers. With the Report-function the top-10 sales products are shown. So you can select your best sold product (or service) and show that to your customers. 

Top sales

The "Report" function makes it possible to identify your top 10 sold products. And to select the employee who sold the most products.

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