Employee schedule

Each employee has his/hers own calendar. In the function "Calender" you can find the options Weekoverview, Dayoverview, Appointment List and My appointments. 
And in these overviews each employee is shown and you can select one of them after which you see the personal schedule of this employee.
In "Employee Availlability": set up the availability of each employee (working days and working hours). This can be changed every time something changes in the working days or working hours of the employee. If there are special periods (such as holidays) there is an option to set up these special periods and show it on your website.
In "My appointments" the personal list of the employee (who has logged in) is visible. Here appointments can be added of edited.
In "Appointment List" is shown:
- employee
- customer
- customer email
- customer phone
- date
- time
- duration
In this screen: if you choose one of these options - you go to the appointment details screen, where you can see the details and edit the appoinment (if necessary). 

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