System notifications

In this CRM you can use TAR: Tasks, Actions and Reminders to set system notifications. TAR is developed for system automation. TAR stands for: Tasks, Actions and Reminders. TAR is a collection of the smallest identifiable and essential pieces of a process that serves as a unit of work, and as an instrument to make a difference between various elements of a process.

  • TASK is the element that will block time or add a deadline to a(n) action(s).
  • ACTION is depending on the conditions (the criteria rules) that TAR will automatically or semi-automatically run as an action.
  • REMINDER is a notification to remind that something is not done or needs to be done. And because of the reminders that will be send to users, their lives will be easier!
  • WORKFLOWRULES gathers all the TAR elements, here they can be configured and stored. WORFLOWRULES gives an easy structure to managing the process.

TAR is a toolbox of which the possibilities are endless. But even more important is that it is simple to use TAR by using the synoptic WorkflowRules (a part of TAR) With this first version of TAR we have focused on automating the CRM. In the following versions we will include automation for the JBA Extensions like Agenda, Notes, Reports and Online Shop.
More about TAR: TAR

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